Gerechtsgebouw De Hazelaar

Gerechtsgebouw De Hazelaar

Type of building:
Office Public space
Jaga radiators:
Tempo Freestanding
TWINS (Jürgen H. Mayer, A2O, Lens°ass)
Eurostation NV
Main contractor:
T.H.V. Hasaletum NV
21 600 m2

for more information:

Jaga nv.
Verbindingslaan 16
B 3590 Diepenbeek
+32 11 29 41 11

The contemporary courthouse “De Hazelaar” in Hasselt has a very striking shape, inspired by the hazel tree. In days long gone, justice was often meted out among these trees, making it a legitimate name choice for a courthouse. In addition, three hazel trees adorn the coat of arms of the city of Hasselt.
The courthouse was designed with the aim of sustainable energy use, which made the use of our energy-efficient Tempo free-standing appliances the logical choice. The Jaga Tempo Freestanding is a classic design for rooms with glass to the floor, as it does not allow radiation to the underlying glass.
Lower energy consumption without heat loss and maximum heat release are further reasons to select the Jaga Tempo freestanding solution.

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