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Jaga Colour chart

Jaga has environmentally-friendly electrostatic powder coating lines. Excess powder is recuperated and no solvents are used during this process. After having been thoroughly pretreated, the units are powder coated and baked. This ensures that the unit is both UV and scratch resistant.

This colour chart has been compiled with the greatest care, nevertheless, minor deviations are possible.

What does the first digit of the colour code stand for?

Code 1xx Soft touch:
Soft touch: finely-textured matte look, gloss degree < 10%
Code 2xx Glossy:
Glossy: smooth gloss finish, gloss degree +/- 70%
Code 3xx Satin:
Satin: smooth satin look, gloss degree +/- 30%
Code 0xx Metal lookalikes:
Metal lookalikes: the finish and the degree of gloss simulate the imitated material

All our lacquered units are available in every code, except for the Strada, Linea Plus, Mini, Briza, Vertiga Hybrid, and Freedom units. These units are not available in Code 2xx Glossy, Code 3xx Satin, Code 064 and Code 065.


Colours of nature

Precious metals

Subtle & discrete

Knockonwood wood finishes

Only applicable on Jaga Knockonwood radiators

Play colors

Only applicable on Jaga Play radiators

Heatwave colors

Only applicable on Jaga Heatwave radiators

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