The perfect duo: Heat pumps and Jaga low-temperature radiators.

  • Light cooling
  • Heating


Hybrid MM

  • Light cooling
  • Heating



  • Light cooling
  • Deep cooling
  • Heating

Briza 12

2-pipe wall

  • Light cooling
  • Deep cooling
  • Heating

Clima Canal 10




Jaga systems perform as intended. Jaga has extensive and comprehensive manuals for installation and usage that is available to the facilities manager and user.

background selectiontools

Selection tools

Do you want to get the most out of your unit?
Then use our selection tools to fine-tune your entire heating installation!


Jaga BIM Application Suite

The Jaga BIM platform contains some top products that are fully prepared for a very energy efficient future.


Colour chart

Jaga is releasing a new colour chart. Our new colour collections allow us to react perfectly to current and future interior design trends.



More than 400 pages full of inspiration, advice, novelties and solutions. You will find a wide selection of devices for heating, cooling or ventilation, suitable for every room.


Choose from one of the largest collections: grilles in different models, materials and colours.

“There is no wifi in the forest, but you will find a better connection”

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