60 years of Innovation

Jaga has focused on innovation and creativity ever since it was founded in 1962. Jaga breaks through traditional thinking and has surprised the market for decades with completely new concepts, both on the technical and aesthetic fronts. It is no coincidence that Jaga has an impressive record of Design Awards for different iconic products.

Jaga timeline


Jan and Gaston Kriekels, central heating installers, started developing their own radiators out of a dissatisfaction with existing solutions.


A new type of vertical radiators sees the light. The radiator was launched with an artistic photo shoot in the caves of Kanne.


The first radiator with collectors in the centre opened up a whole new spectrum of designs and applications. Invented by Jaga, copied by many!


Linea Plus introduces a new design in the world of radiators. With a flat front panel and innovative perforated top


Launch of Jaga’s most successful Deco radiators. Frequent winner of design awards. Based on a child’s drawing of a radiant sun.


Jaga opens PPC: renewed Product Presentation centre in the Frank Gehry buildings in Düsseldorf.


Dynamic Boost Effect doubles the heat output. Less radiator, more heat. DBE party to launch this low water-temperature radiator.


A unique climate laboratory for open innovation starts to operate. A knowledge centre and test laboratory where everyone is welcome.


The Uchronia Community builds the greatest work of art ever at the Burning Man Art Festival in the Nevada desert.


Playful curves out of a concrete shell. Designed by Jaga & Joris Laarman.


Jaga selected as a partner for the home of the future, both in Vilvoorde as well as in Amsterdam.


Partners from 24 countries collaborate in thinking about Jaga products for the future.


Presentation of Jaga values and climate solutions. In 2011, Jaga had already covered 42 countries across different continents.



Vertiga is the first combination of Energy Savers, Eyecatchers and Top Performers. A brand new design heater for extremely low water temperatures.


From rubbish to eco design. Heat-exchanger trees made from recovered aluminium symbolise the new life of this material.


Jaga elected as climate partner for the Amazon spheres.


Modular Oxygen Bubble. Climate and multimedia cabin. A comfort zone as protection against air and noise pollution.

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