Dynamic Boost Hybrid

Heater technology changed forever 

Heating or heating + light cooling

  • efficient and effortless heating with the lowest water temperature
  • energy-efficient non-condensing cooling in combination with any heat pump that can supply cooling water
  • improves the seasonal efficiency of each heat pump
  • makes sure that the condensing boilers are operating at their lowest temperature and as efficiently as possible.

high output with all water temperatures, hot and cold

For optimum yield, new, environmentally-friendly installations require an improved output system. This ensures a comfortable heat at a low water temperature and a sufficient coolness with non-condensing cooling. Jaga Hybrid heating units are equipped with the brand new DBH system; DB stands for Dynamic Boost, to considerably increase the power of the heater. The H of Hybrid stands for the dual effect: heating and cooling.

ideal for renovations and a switch to a lower water temperature

no larger units required

The lower the water temperature, the less heat the heater can emit. Therefore, this requires extra large heating units. But this is not the case with the Strada Hybrid. The DBH system provides sufficient additional power, and you can now switch to a very low water temperature with convectors of identical dimensions. That is why the Strada Hybrid is the very best heat pump heating unit.

Noise and power according to the latest European standards

The heat output of the Strada Hybrid was measured according to the latest European standards regarding heating units with integrated fans. Jaga is one of the first to comply with the new reference standard EN16430.


Multifunctional intelligence

DBH switches fully automatically between heating and cooling








Auto-change-over modeStandard

You do not have to do anything at all to switch between heating and cooling down. Due to its accurate room – and water temperature sensors, the hybrid is fully automated. To achieve the requested temperature you can set 3 different fan speeds, depending on the room where the heating unit is located: bedroom mode max. 26 dB(A), comfort mode max. 30 dB(A) or maximum mode for rapid heating and cooling.

With breeze feature

The Hybrid heater’s DBH system can also be activated if there is no cooling water, so without a heat pump. The vicinity of the heater can already feel less warm with just the air movement of the fans.



Not ready yet for a heat pump? Strada Hybrid heaters also make gas and fuel oil boilers operate at their lowest water temperature level, and therefore as efficiently as possible. From day 1 you’ll start saving money on your energy bill and your installation will be completely ready for a future without a boiler and CO2 emissions. You can switch over to an emission-free installation with a heat pump at any time without having to make any changes to the radiators, heat distribution or pipes. Quite a reassurance.

Tip: Even existing Jaga Low-H2O heating units can easily be upgraded to the new Hybrid Technology. The DBH-modules fit all Strada, Tempo and Linea Plus heaters.


{webmyne [3] [102709]} traditional panel heater or floor heating

Central heating boiler + traditional panel heater or floor heating


Condensing central heating boiler Jaga Strada

Condensing central heating boiler
Jaga Strada


heat pump Jaga Strada + DBH Upgrade

heat pump
Jaga Strada + DBH Upgrade

  • Light cooling
  • Heating


Hybrid ACO

  • Light cooling
  • Heating


Hybrid MM

  • Light cooling
  • Heating


wall hybrid ACO

  • Light cooling
  • Heating



  • Light cooling
  • Heating


freestanding hybrid

  • Light cooling
  • Heating

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