The most compact heating unit for heating or heating + cooling


high output with all water temperatures, hot and cold

For optimum yield, new, environmentally-friendly installations require an improved output system. This ensures a comfortable heat at a low water temperature and a sufficient coolness with non-condensing cooling. Jaga Hybrid heating units are equipped with the brand new DBH system; DB stands for Dynamic Boost, to considerably increase the power of the heater. The H of Hybrid stands for the dual effect: heating and cooling.  
  • efficient and effortless heating with the lowest water temperature
  • energy-efficient non-condensing cooling in combination with any heat pump that can supply cooling water
  • improves the seasonal efficiency of each heat pump
  • makes sure that the condensing boilers are operating at their lowest temperature and as efficiently as possible.


There is a customized control mode for every type of installation. By default, the Hybrid system is set to Auto-Change-Over mode: automatic switchover between heating and cooling based on the measured water temperature. The desired room temperature is set with the room thermostat or the thermostatic head. The TPT temperature mode is something special. It allows you to set the desired room temperature via the control panel. BMS control can be selected for building management systems.
  • Light cooling
  • Heating


Hybrid ACO

  • Light cooling
  • Heating


Hybrid MM

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