Jaga reserves the right to change product specification at any time in line with our policy of continuous improvement and innovation

Important info

The unit must be installed by a certified installer in accordance with the installation instructions and the local building codes. Please follow this instruction manual and file it somewhere safe! The unit must always be accessible for maintenance and inspection. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.

The warranty is void when:

  • The installation, maintenance or operation instructions in this manual are not respected.
  • The initial start-up has been carried out before a general cleaning of both the fan and the coil.
  • Modifications have been made to the product,before, during or after product installation.
  • Maintenance has been carried out by unauthorized people.
  • Access to the unit has been restricted due to on-site conditions.
  • This device is covered by the general warranty conditions of Jaga NV

General information

  • Check for any visible damage.
  • The unit must be handled with care in order to avoid damage to the unit’s interior and exterior parts.
  • The unit must remain accessible for inspection and maintenance, the trench must be removable at all times.
  • Do not place any objects on the unit.
  • Do not insert objects into the supply and return air openings.

Unit identification:

  • The serial number is tagged on unit’s right side (on the left if the connections are on the unit’s right side).


  • The unit has been designed to function as a fan coil for both heating and cooling applications; any other use is strictly forbidden. Installing the unit in an explosive environment is prohibited.
  • The device is designed and manufactured to function solely as an air treatment end unit with optional return and supply plenums that can be built into your wall or ceiling.
  • The area must be dry and dust-free, with a temperature between 5°C and 70°C and a relative humidity < 90%. (Norm IEC EN 60335-2-40)
  • The unit is not intended for industrial applications.
  • Start-up and commissioning of the unit must be carried out by skilled staff, qualified to work on this type of product.


  • Maintenance must be carried out by qualified technicians.
  • Always use the main disconnect switch to isolate the unit from the mains before carrying out any maintenance or inspection work.
  • A dirty grille obstructs the air flow, so clean the grille at regular intervals, depending on the room’s purpose and how it’s used. The grille should never be disassembled for maintenance and can be easily cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not use solvent- or detergent based products.
  • Every 6 months: Check the condition of the coil and condensate drain.


  • When the unit is not used for long periods of time, it must be disconnected from the mains electrical connection.<
  • When the unit is not used for long periods of time, it must be disconnected from the mains electrical connection. If the unit is not used during the winter period, the water in the system may freeze. A suitable quantity of anti-freeze liquid should be mixed with the water. Mixing the water with glycol modifies the unit’s performance. Pay attention to the safety instructions on the packaging regarding glycol.


  • Remove the packaging material and put it in the appropriate collection point or recycling facility, in compliance with the local regulations.
  • Do not leave the packaging within reach of children.


  • The guarantee is valid only if the equipment is properly and correctly used, by its first owner and if installed in accordance with the norms and instructions as stipulated in the instruction leaflet and the current practices.
  • The guarantee only applies to the equipment and the spare parts. Jaga has the choice between repair and replacement of the equipment or the spare parts. If there has been a change in the model, Jaga is authorised to replace the guaranteed equipment with an equivalent equipment or equivalent spare parts. In those cases where the guarantee claim is received, during the first six months after the start of the guarantee, on all labour and transport costs.
  • The period of guarantee is mentioned in this certificate. A repair or replacement does not change anything to the original period of guarantee.
  • No guarantee is granted on equipment or spare parts lacking information concerning type or series, or on equipment where this informations has been removed or altered, or on equipment that has been repaired or modified by persons not authorized by Jaga.
  • The customer is responsible for the damage when it is due to errors of placement, fittings, electrical connections, faulty or damaged electrical installations or appliances, erroneous voltage or hydronic pressure and all other errors not related to the product delivered by Jaga. The guarantee is also revoked when non-suited parts are applied. The guarantee for our heat exchangers is not valid if they are emptied at set times or during a certain period, or if they are heated by means of industrial water, steam or water saturated by great quantities of oxygen. The quality of the system water has to be in accordance with the VDI 2035-2 directive. The buyer will make every effort to prevent damage to the device by avoiding both dust and moisture. This means that the customer has to cover the device in case of further construction works in order to ensure that the devices remain dust-free. The guarantee is also revoked when the heat exchangers are placed in aggressive surroundings (ammonia, corrosive substances, etc). In these circumstances, the buyer should address the cause of the damage. Lacquered radiators should not be used in the following (humid) areas: above a bath with a built-in shower unit, in a shower cubical or next to it, in a swimming pool (chlorine) or in a sauna.
  • Jaga does not give a guarantee on faulty equipment due to incorrect handling and/or use of the equipment, the dropping of the equipment or the transport without the necessary precautions, or for all equipment that is built in, in a way that it cannot be reached normally. The guarantee is valid only if the equipment is properly and correctly used, by its first owner and if installed in accordance with the norms and instructions as stipulated in the instruction leaflet and the current practices.
  • In all cases where the guarantee is granted but where the intervention occurs later than 6 months after the start of the guarantee, and in all other cases, labour and transportation costs are calculated according to scales set by Jaga. Customers can get information on those scales either from our sales administration personnel, or from the maintenance engineer.
  • The guarantee starts on the date of the invoice. If the invoice is not available, the serial number or the date of production prevails.
  • Only the courts of judicial district Hasselt (Belgium) are authorised to deal with disputes arising from this guarantee. It will apply Belgian law even when sales involved are subjects of EU member states as well as non-EU member countries.
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