Pre-assembled Jaga Dynamic Product Controller (JDPC) with control panel


Multifunctional controller for dynamic heating and cooling devices provided with one or more built-in fans. The Jaga Dynamic Product Controller is pre-configured and assembled inside the device

  • Indication of operating mode by LED's
  • Control with touch screen and water temperature sensor, preset and mounted in the device by Jaga.
  • power supply voltage 24 VDC
  • heating/cooling/standby with automatic switch (temperorary manual adjustment is possible: contact Jaga for more information)
  • control
    • standby
    • Heating: 3 speeds (Operates at water temperature > 28°C, can easily be modified)
    • Cooling: 3 speeds (configured at water temperature <18°C, can easily be modified)
  • 0-10 V input for building management system/thermostats
DPC.CC24 Heating
DPC.CC25 Heating and cooling
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