Built-in thermostat

precision metal tube
Add /T to the code of Briza. Example: BZMW 041 072 XXX/20/T
  • Heating / cooling 3 speeds - 230 V
  • Including fully preassembled two-way valve 230 V
  • preassembled power supply 230 VAC to 24 VDC for the fan
  • for 2 or 4 pipe wall mounted model with casing
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Can be programmed for 8 half-days
  • Automatic or manual changeover between heating and cooling
  • On/off or 3-position control outputs
  • Ventilator speed: min./med./max. or auto
  • Briza automatically switches fans via a temperature sensor::
    • Heating onwards of 28°C (can be modified)
    • Cooling below 18°C (can be modified)
  • Operational modes: comfort, energy saving and frost protection
  • Order sleeve couplings M24
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