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Waarom ventileren?

Why ventilate?


A bad indoor climate can cause problems such as fungi.

To save energy and lose as little heat as possible, buildings are increasingly becoming better insulated. Simply cracking open a window is not enough for a healthy indoor environment. And a poor interior climate is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, increasing the likelihood of health complaints such as tightness, fatigue and headache. Better insulation means also taking ventilation into consideration.


How to ventilate with Jaga?

How to ventilate with Jaga?


All the Jaga ventilation solutions are intelligently controlled and perfectly measured for every room.

A good link between ventilation and heating is very important. This means indoor climate can be optimised, without incurring unnecessary heating costs. The combination of the Low-H2O radiator and the invisible built-in ventilation systems from Jaga ensure a healthy and pleasant indoor climate throughout the year, with lowest power consumption.