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Passive cooling

Passive or natural cooling is an energy-efficient, mostly non-condensing form of cooling that is primarily used with geothermal heat pump systems. During the winter, Briza heats your home using warmth pumped up from the ground. In the summer, the same system returns the heat to the ground, while ensuring that the house is cool. The system uses the cold in the ground without activating the compressor. Only the circulation pump uses electricity to pump the cooled water to the radiators. These environmentally friendly cooling systems can reduce the temperature by about 3 °C to 5 °C. We ensure a home is pleasantly cool while using extremely low power consumption.

Imago actief koelen

Active cooling

Traditional, mostly condensing cooling occurs using air or water heat pumps or cooling machines. Most cooling machines use electricity in accordance with the heat pump principle. Active cooling is faster than passive systems because the compressor also contributes to the drawing the heat from the building. However, this consumes more power, which has a significant impact on the e-level. Systems based on a heat pump are always more economical than traditional air conditioning.


Jaga Top Performers have intelligent controls and dynamic systems to provide complete climate control. It is one of the smallest and most powerful radiators for eco-friendly heating, cooling, and ventilation. Jaga also has different solutions for installation in the wall, floor, or ceiling. Jaga Top Performers are future-proof and developed for all renewable power sources.>!--Most Low-H2O Energy Savers are also suitable for non-condensing cooling. Contact Jaga for more information.