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Rest and wellness in every room

The natural appearance of the Mikado and the serene simplicity of its design radiate a feeling of rest and wellness in every room.

Jaga Strada

    Serene simplicity, playful combination possibilities

  • Perfectly integrated into any interior
  • Combinable with any radiator, or simply without
  • Mix and match to personal taste
  • The brackets are made of extruded aluminium and are available in four finishes and 3 lengths satin-matt lacquered white | anodised aluminium natural colour | brushed stainless steel look | chrome.
  • The wooden stick is available in 3 woods and two lengths Maple | Oak | Walnut


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Mix and match

The brackets are available in three different lengths. So, we offer the optimal distance between towel rail and wall or radiator in all situations.
The Mikado wooden stick is available in two lengths and in maple, oak or walnut. For the length 55 cm option, a single wall bracket is sufficient. It can be placed in any desired position, both at the end and in the middle of the stick. For the stick of length 85 cm, two wall brackets are required.

Place a Mikado in front of a vertical radiator or above a horizontal radiator to create a comfortable towel drying rack. Or attach a Mikado to bathroom or kitchen furniture or simply on the wall. The different playful combination possibilities allows you to integrate a Mikado perfectly into any interior. Be inspired by the many creative possibilities!

Combinatiemogelijkheden Mikado

  • Bracket


    Satin-matt lacquered white
    Type 09: MIKH.00800509/133
    Type 16: MIKH.00800516/133
    Type 20: MIKH.00800520/133


    Brushed stainless steel look
    Type 09: MIKH.00800509/BSL
    Type 16: MIKH.00800516/BSL
    Type 20: MIKH.00800520/BSL


    Type 09: MIKH.00800509/009
    Type 16: MIKH.00800516/009
    Type 20: MIKH.00800520/009


    Anodised aluminium natural colour
    Type 09: MIKH.00800509/NAA
    Type 16: MIKH.00800516/NAA
    Type 20: MIKH.00800520/NAA



    Length 55: MIKB.00205500/760
    Length 85: MIKB.00208500/760


    Length 55: MIKB.00205500/700
    Length 85: MIKB.00208500/700


    Length 55: MIKB.00205500/780
    Length 85: MIKB.00208500/780


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