Mini Freestanding

Strikingly inconspicuous

Jaga Strada

  • For spaces with large windows, glazed façades, for window displays, conservatories, under window seats and for dwarf walls.
  • Discreet appearance with heights from 8cm
  • No heat radiation towards the underlying glass, so no heat loss
  • Low-H2O technology with super conductive and ultra fast heat exchanger for low energy consumption and maximum heat emission
  • Safe and low contact temperature

30 year Guarantee


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Mini Freestanding



FeetHeightLengthType75/65/2070/50/2055/45/2045/40/20Ordering codeAvailability
all Jaga colours
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  • Standard

    • traffic white
      RAL 9016

    • Sandblast grey

    • off-black


    other colours

    Give your interior more personality with the new Jaga colours!

  • Connection sets

    height 008

    Mini height 008 with feet FS (H = 6.5 cm)

    Jaga valve. A lockshield on the return pipework is not possible

    Optional connection set 
    5090.4407 standard Kv

    Mini height 008 with feet FM or FL (H = 10 or 12 cm)

    use set 222

    Optional connection set Thermostatic head
    COLO.JF2.JW.4... JW
    COLO.JF2.AC.4... AC
    COLO.JF2.AW.4... AW
    COLO.JF2.JC.4...  JC
    Fill in Eurocone sleeve coupling

    height 013 / 023 / 028


    Fixing set for shelf

    Number of sets for casing length: from 060 to 160 cm: min. 2 sets
    from 180 to 300 cm: min. 3 sets

    Shelf not supplied

    Optional connection set for type
    5210.00015/XXX 14/15/16
    5210.00020/XXX 19/20/21
    enter colour code


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    Technical information

    Technical information Mini Freestanding
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