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  • Jaga floor solutions as an alternative to underfloor heating

Jaga floor solutions as a alternative to floor heating

The best output system for a heat pump is a low temperature system. Floor heating is often used for this end because you cannot see it, but this also goes for Jaga’s underfloor installations. Moreover, the Jaga units have an additional benefit: they counteract the cold downdraught or heat accumulation that is common with large windows.

A window is the least insulated surface in a house. Still, many people put a couch or a dinner table directly next to these large windows in order to create a smooth transition into the garden or terrace. However, it is very important to also counteract the cold downdraught or heat accumulation by choosing an underfloor solution such as the Jaga Mini Canal Hybrid.

For many years, radiators have been placed under a window in order to combat the cold downdraught. This can also be done for sliding windows by installing the unit into the floor. This is even more important when there is a ventilation grille above the window. In winter, the cold air that enters the room through these grilles will cause a cold downdraught, which is cut off by the warm air from the Mini Canal Hybrid.

Classic floor heating will not resolve this issue, as the system’s output is not sufficient to counteract this problem. The Jaga Mini Canal also has the additional benefit of being able to heat the room fairly quickly. Depending on the starting temperature, this could take 10 to 20 minutes. It would take a floor heating system 2 hours to complete this task. Therefore, the room might not be properly heated by morning, especially if the night before was a cold one; convectors can do this much quicker.

Moreover, the Mini Canal Hybrid also has a new cooling feature. This will help counteract the heat accumulation near the large windows in summer, which will result in a more pleasant indoor climate. The fact that the Mini Canal can also cool now, is due to the brand new Jaga control and software.

The Mini Canal Hybrid can be installed in a 14 cm deep hole and, as is common in all of Jaga’s low temperature convectors, consists of a heat exchanger and fans. The latter ensure a swift transfer of heat or coolness into the room.

Jaga underfloor solutions ensure a pleasant indoor climate all year round and this for every room.