Jaga in Europe's largest timber frame project

Jaga develops totally new product especially for Gare Maritime

On the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels people are working hard on the restoration and conversion of the halls of the old Gare Maritime freight station. The restoration should result in an indoor city with a shopping area, walkways, restaurants and offices. The project’s engineering consultancy, Boydens Engineering, opted for Jaga’s HVAC solutions, after which Jaga developed a completely new custom-made product for this project: the Jaga Clima Canal H19. “Despite its small dimensions, this product is a powerful main heating unit, cooling unit and hygienic air supply unit in one”, says Philip Dezsö, Project Manager at Jaga Climate Designers.

Open Wervendag 2019 - Gare Maritime

Gare Maritime, built in the early years of the 20th century, was once an important hub for international trade, with shipping quays, depots and a customs office, in addition to various train tracks. After the cessation of those economic activities, however, the stately glass, steel and wooden roofs and also the large pillars in Art Nouveau style fell into disrepair. Project developer Extensa decided to do something about this and is now transforming the old station building into an indoor city district with 40,000 m² of shops, catering facilities, showrooms and offices. The design is by the Dutch company Neutelings Riedijk Architects, whose design ensured that the Antwerp MAS became a real crowd puller. With the Gare Maritime project, they now want to add a new architectural jewel to our capital. The renovation and rezoning will cost around one hundred million euros.

Boydens: “Jaga always delivers on its promises”

Engineering office Boydens Engineering was engaged for techniques and EPB in this project, whereby Jaga’s HVAC solution was chosen. Together with installer Cegelec, they developed a completely new product for Gare Maritime. “ We know from experience that if Jaga promises something with their designs, it is also realized in practice. A high yield in cooling on a very low temperature supply sounds very simple, but it is not that easy to achieve in practice. Jaga guarantees this. In addition, Jaga is strongly represented in Belgium. This is largely due to the fact that their products are also produced here. This has several advantages for both an engineering office as the subsequent user of a building.”, says Stijn Vandenbussche, Project Manager at Boydens Engineering. “Lower transport costs is one of them. But the biggest asset: because the production takes place here, we were closely involved as an engineering office. This was important in this project because we needed a custom-made product. That was the brand new Jaga Clima Canal H19, a revolutionary floor installation solution.”

640 Jaga units fully customized

“This product was based on its older brother: the Jaga Clima Canal. A floor installation solution in our catalog.”, says Philip Dezsö, Project Manager at Jaga. “The Clima Canal H19 is more powerful and is slightly larger with its 19 cm installation depth, but it remains relatively compact despite being so powerful. What’s special about this unit; is that it combines ventilation, heating and cooling. This usually requires several solutions at different locations. In addition, it is designed so that when placed – in this project in a technical floor- a visually continuous whole is created. Specifically, we placed 640 units with a custom-made hygienic air supply and empty shafts to connect everything. Moreover, by using the latest EC-motors, the entire system is extremely efficient(low energy consumption), without sacrificing comfort. The first delivery took place in February of this year and the last one is expected to take place in the fall of 2019”

Largest timber frame in Europe

The implementation of the new buildings will be entirely in timber frame, making this project currently the largest timber frame project in Europe. Contractor MBG states that working with a timber frame has a huge beneficial impact on the ecological footprint of the execution and the sustainability of the construction. Working with timber frame means that up to 30 % less energy is used compared to working with concrete. Moreover, the entire project is permanently climate neutral because we are working with wells of no less than 150 meters in depth through which the system water is circulated. A heat pump is also used for additional heating and/or cooling in this project.

Nice collaboration between Jaga & Cegelec

“That start-up of the first finished buildings is planned for August. The project will then be followed up until sometime in the middle of next year”, adds Jeroen Staessen of installer Cegelec. “This was a prestige project, both for Jaga and our company and we are very proud of it.”

Open Building Sites Day 2019 - Gare Maritime
Open Building Sites Day 2019 - Gare Maritime - Technologies
Open Building Sites Day 2019 - Gare Maritime - Technologies

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