Choice for SAP Commerce Cloud

Lummen - This month the collaboration between JAGA and Digitalum was sealed. Digitalum, designer of e-commerce solutions, start building this summer an innovative B2B e-commerceplatform for JAGA, an authority in heating, cooling and ventilation. This new platform will enable JAGA to process orders faster and more efficiently and to improve the collaboration with installers and distributors.
“We continue to strive for innovation, not only in our products, but also in our way of working ”, says Jan Kriekels, CEO of JAGA. For development of the platform, Digitalum and JAGA chose SAP Commerce Cloud.

Digitalum bouwt globaal B2B e-commerce platform voor wereldspeler Jaga

JAGA digital strategy

JAGA has been designing, producing and distributing solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation for half a century.
Each product is assembled per order and prepared for shipment. The processing of these orders still requires manual interaction. Orders received by telephone or digitally were still manually passed on to production. With the new platform this will be automated. “Our commercial employees, who are given more time, can devote themselves even more to maintain customer relationships,” says Jan Kriekels. Not just an internal advantage, but also the professional customer will be guided even better and placing the correct order will be easier. “Innovate or Die”, says Jan Kriekels, also the title of his book.
JAGA aims to generate half of the annual turnover via the online platform within 12 months and to reduce manual order processing by 50%.

Digitalum puts its teeth into it

To develop this online platform, JAGA teams up with Digitalum, the relatively young but fast-growing expert in e-commerce solutions from Lummen. CEO Diederik Bots is proud of the collaboration and enthusiastic about the challenge: “Customers at JAGA can choose from no less than 5 billion possible variants an extensive range of products and options. It is an exciting challenge to translate this into an online sales channel and, above all, to continue to manage this efficiently. This is exactly the type of project we're working on with the Digitalum team”.
Digitalum is not for its test piece with this. On the contrary. The growing starter recently received the exceptional recognition SAP Recognized Expertise for Commerce based on previous projects at Atlas Copco, Bose, DMLights and Huntsman. Digitalum can therefore count itself among the absolute top worldwide in the domain.
Serge Craeghs, responsible for the commercial policy within Digitalum: “As an e-commerce partner we do not distinguish ourselves purely technically. Also, an e-commerce implementation must make sense and financially feasible. That is why we first prepared a realistic business case with a simulation of the return within different scenarios. The technical feasibility was demonstrated by a demo implementation on the JAGA environment in order to be able to dismiss the most important project risks.
Finally, we translated part of the realization cost into a reward model that depends on online sales growth. This is how we really connect with the success of the e-commerce platform at JAGA and our quality promise.”

SAP Commerce Cloud

With SAP Commerce, JAGA chose the world market leader in e-commerce. Annually is about 560 billion dollars traded on the SAP commerce platform. “The innovative cloud solutions from with the annual subscription formula also perfectly meets the commercial needs and possibilities of medium-sized organizations. This translates into a strong business case, enabling investment in a professional B2B commerce platform can also be recouped at JAGA within a relatively short time.” says Dimitri Bosmans, Head of Cloud at SAP Belux.
The e-commerce platform for JAGA is scheduled to launch this year.

Logo Digitalum

About Digitalum

Digitalum designs, builds and maintains unique omni-channel experiences based on SAP Commerce Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud. As a young organization, Digitalum distinguishes itself with its high degree of seniority in their strong growth team. In terms of e-commerce or customer experience, Digitalum wants to be the trump card that allows customers to do all-in to go.

About Jaga

Over half a century, JAGA has established itself internationally as a leading solution partner for heating, cooling and ventilation. Respect for nature is one of the core values. Since its inception in 1962 JAGA focuses on innovation and creativity. JAGA breaks through traditional thinking and has been surprising for decades with completely new concepts, both on a technical and aesthetic level. It is no coincidence that JAGA has an impressive track record of Design Awards for various iconic products.

About SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud empowers businesses to create an omni-channel B2B customer experience that rivals successful solutions in the consumer market. It provides the opportunity for an extensive ecosystem of manage suppliers, distributors and partners and support multiple business models on one platform. It consists of a combination of intuitive, self-service functionality, AI-driven personalization, wizards for support with complex product configurations and combinations, chatbots, etc.